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Suneese is a live, dynamic business, always striving to provide you with the best products and services. We are constantly evolving by adding new products, or enhancing the established ones. Stay tuned to find more ways to push your recruitment business ahead of the competition
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Latest news

Stay informed on the latest news from Suneese

Suneese opens its archives.

Suneese has recently added a new option in the search facility for Caerus. You can now interrogate not just the latest jobs but also look at the archives too. Many of our subscribers tell us that "profiling" a client by reviewing their historic employment history gives then an edge.

Suneese now has LinkedIn interface.

Suneese has recently added the ability for you to interrogate LinkedIn to obtain any contact details they hold against any company featured in our feeds (your 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections are searched).

Suneese now has the ability to tell you how many times a vacancy has been reposted.

We are now able to tell you how many times the same vacancy has been reposted by the same advertiser. This can help determine who might be in most need of agency assistance.

Suneese now provides agency jobs

Suneese can now provide agency vacancies to anyone who needs it.

Top companies - Blue Chip

Some of our subscribers are only interested in corporate company vacancies. We can now provide you with a feed that contains all new vacancies from just these companies. You provide us with a list of the companies you are interested in and we provide you with a feed which contains vacancies for only these companies.

Suneese Shares Technology With You

Suneese has recently upgraded and enhanced their in-house developed spider systems that crawl the web searching out direct employer vacancies for you. These systems are now delivering so many vacancies that not all of them can be processed. To provide the best possible opportunities to their customers, Suneese have decided to allow customers to rent time on their spider systems, and thus give customers the opportunity to receive leads in bulk. More details on products page.

Suneese Offers new Reducing Balance subscription option

Suneese has had many requests to provide a reducing balance subscription option for those agents who do not have time to login each day to collect their daily leads entitlement. Reducing balance customers now receive their full credits entitlement at the beginning of their subscription for a period (4 weeks) and can "spend" them at their own convenience.

Website monitor service

URL Monitoring, the latest service from Suneese, allows you to specify the URL's of your client vacancy pages for the Suneese Systems to monitor for you. The data is ring-fenced and not available to anyone else, including us. The Suneese systems will inform you when significant changes are detected in the pages that you supply. Read more on website monitor. Update: Now with Website monitor plus, you can even receive any new vacancies by email.

Caerus - The Vacancy Intelligence Portal

Suneese releases the ultimate tool, which enables you to take full advantage of your Vacancy Intelligence Service, Caerus - The Vacancy Intelligence Portal. Read more about Caerus here.

Subscribe online

You can now order our products online using all major credit cards, as Suneese now accepts payments through Paypal. A secure, easy and hassle-free way to order your vacancy intelligence feed in a snap. Learn more.

CSV Format

Suneese now offer more flexibility in the format you receive your Vacancy Intelligence. Now you can receive your leads in CSV format ready to be imported to any database or Microsoft Excel (and other spreadsheet applications). Should you like to take advantage of this and have it enabled on your account, ask for more details from your Suneese account manager.

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