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By : Suneese
Recruitment 23/07/2018 09:28pm
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Skill Matching is a service where you can create multiple skill profiles (usually a candidate or series of candidates, we dont need their real names just a ref so you can identify them). You enter their key skills and various other criteria if required and save this as skill profile.

Each morning the system will automatically look at all the skill profiles you have created and will send you two email lists. Firstly will be all the vacancies in our feed which each skill set is relevant too. Second report will be a list of all skill sets relevant to each vacancy. This is gives you two options. First is to spec in a star candidate for a particular vacancy and second to create a potential short list of candidates for a star vacancy.

The beauty of this system is you do not have to identify to our system who your candidates are, you just need a reference so you can select the candidate from your own system.