Testing Times

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By : Suneese
Recruitment 24/11/2020 05:18pm
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Recruitment Agencies are finding times extremely testing with the dual challenges that both Brexit and Covid 19 bring. Staff are working from home, clients freezing recruitment, and some are sadly making redundancies. In order to tackle these problems, agencies are having to reinvent themselves and change the way they work – using technology to become more efficient and effective.

Suneese is the perfect tool to find companies who are hiring. We monitor Direct Employer career pages, over 600 job boards, online newspapers and social media sites. Our service is sensibly priced and no reoccurring contracts or commitments. You might say a "no brainer" really.

A case in point, Davidson Gray, have been looking for a while for a cloud based service to find new vacancies. They had an online demonstration of the Suneese capabilities and were hooked. They purchased their 2nd 4 weeks block of access this week, they can’t believe how easy it is to find new vacancies. Davidson Gray are pleasantly surprised on the number of Direct Employer vacancies coming through each day.

Davidson Gray invest in and support start up recruitment businesses.

Further information on Davidson Gray can be found here Davidson Gray