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By : Suneese
Recruitment 12/02/2021 12:39pm
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Are you worried about your business with the challenges that COVID-19 and Brexit bring? This is definitely a shared feeling across the nation, and whilst it’s tough and worrying to think about the future of your business, it’s important to recognise the opportunity for growth. Now is the time to transform your business and make changes that will secure its future. Change gives us the opportunity to look at current processes, tools, achievements and hurdles and analyse how we can transform our ways and ultimately take a step further toward future-proofing our businesses.

So, you’re thinking how can one tool help me transform my recruitment process? Well, what if you could know what companies were actively hiring, every day? Not only that, but the exact jobs they’re hiring for. Imagine this, you arrive at the office in the morning, open your emails and sitting in your inbox is a complete digest of current vacancies. This digest not only includes the information of companies but also all of the details of the jobs they’re currently hiring for. We’re not just talking about a list of 10 companies, we’re talking about hundreds of companies – your prospects.

Not only can you receive a list of prospects to your inbox every day, but you can also monitor your existing client’s websites for new jobs. Perhaps you’ve got a client who’s decided to hire for a particular role independently rather than through your agency – wouldn’t that be great information to have? Having this type of knowledge would enable you to reach out to your clients and offer help – maybe even provide potential candidates for their roles.

As we know, contacts in businesses change so frequently it’s hard to keep up. Often, as one person leaves, and another person joins, information is lost. The new employee now responsible for hiring may not be aware that your agency used to handle recruitment for them. With this knowledge, you could monitor previous client’s websites for new roles with a view to winning back their business. You can receive a notification of a change to a company’s website or you can receive any new vacancies posted by that company to straight to your inbox.

Having this information is a game-changer – especially in the current climate. What about one step further though – it’s all well and good getting the clients, but the real task is finding a candidate for their role. Using our skill matching and profiling tool, you can create individual profiles for each of your candidates. When you add skill profiles to our system, we’ll scan those profiles against vacancies in our feed and provide you with a report matching those skill sets to each vacancy. This enables you to quickly match a candidate to a vacancy by skill set.

Optimising and transforming your recruitment processes doesn’t have to be daunting, or uprooting – it really can be simple. With the Suneese platform, you can manage it all in one place without the hassle of moving between different tools. Over 80,000 new vacancies are added to our feed every day – giving you access to the knowledge you need to win new business. We understand that times are tough, that’s why we offer flexible, low cost, contract-free subscriptions. If you’re interested in learning more about Suneese, you can request a free demo here: