Caerus - The Vacancy Intelligence Portal

Suneese presents you with Caerus, the Vacancy Intelligence Portal. An online facility which enables you to make the most out of your vacancy intelligence service.


Welcome to the Suneese Portal page - "Caerus" (pronounced "Care-us" - the Greek God of Opportunity) has been developed to complement your email feed of vacancy intelligence.

Caerus allows you to view not just todays leads but allows you to access the whole database of leads, along with the ability to manage your own client monitoring list. As part of your subscription you will be provided with a set of login credentials.

You are not permitted to share your login details with anyone else, any customer found doing so will have the facility withdrawn.

We operate a fair use policy of 500 full vacancy details per day, if this number is insufficient for your marketing, please speak with your account manager, who will be happy to discuss options with you.

Quick access to your received daily vacancies.

All your daily received vacancies are listed right in front of you, without having to launch your email client and dig through all your emails. Now there's no need to carry your email with you, or to forward the vacancy leads email to other members of your organisation.

Powerful vacancy search.

Search through our vast database of vacancies using our powerful search tool. You can search by keyword (appearing in the job title, or in the job description), sector, region, county, and/or postcode. Pinpointing those hard to get vacancies should now be a piece of cake!

Contact intelligence for vacancy advertisers.

Of course, Caerus comes packed with all the vacancy features you've loved in our Vacancy Intelligence Service, and, of course, contact intelligence is one of them. Even better, it's presented right after the vacancy information, ideal for printing.

Available to ALL Suneese subscribers.

You would expect that this software will not be available to all users. Well, think again. Here at Suneese we don't differentiate our clients based on their budget! Your success is also our success, so we have made this service available to all our clients.


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